RDO & Tehsil

The District is divided into 2 Revenue divisions for administrative convenience. A Revenue division is headed by Revenue Divisional Officer in the rank of Sub – Collector in Cadre of I.A.S or a Deputy Collector. He is the Sub Divisional Magistrate having jurisdiction over his division. An administrative Officer in the Cadre of Tahsildar assists in administration. The Sub-divisional Offices are a replica of Collectorate in the matter of the number of sections and they act as an intermediary in the administrative setup. Each division consists of a few Mandals whose performance is constantly monitored by the concerned Divisional Office.

The List of Divisions are:

S.No. Division Name Name of Officer Email ID Mobile No.
1 RDO, Vikarabad Smt. Vijaya Kumari 7995061164
2 RDO, Tandur Sri. Ashok Kumar 7995061163


Tahsildars’  Details
Sl.No. Revenue Division Name of the Mandal Contact Email Id
1 Vikarabad Vikarabad 7995061174
2 Vikarabad Mominpet 7995061175
3 Vikarabad Marpally 7995061176
4 Vikarabad Bantwaram 7995061177
5 Tandur Peddemul 7995061178
6 Tandur Tandur 7995061179
7 Tandur Basheerabad 7995061180
8 Tandur Yalal 7995061181
9 Vikarabad Dharur 7995061182
10 Vikarabad Nawabpet 7995061183
11 Vikarabad Pudur 7995061184
12 Vikarabad Parigi 7995061185
13 Vikarabad Doma 7995061186
14 Vikarabad Kulkacherla 7995061187
15 Vikarabad Kotepally 7995061188
16 Tandur Bomraspet 7995061189
17 Tandur Doulthabad 7995061190
18 Tandur Kodangal 7995061191