Revenue Department

The Revenue Department manages functions related to the matters of Government lands, excise, commercial tax, registrations, surveys and settlements, endowments, and so on. The main parts of the Revenue Department are to Propose and implement Acts and Rules related to matters of land revenue, excise, and commercial tax. Deal with all the cases of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Vigilance and Enforcement. Handle disciplinary cases against the officers and employees of​ all grades of the Revenue Department. Deal with all the issues related to the Commissioner of Inquiries appointed for matters relating to the Revenue Department Manage service matters related to the Heads of Departments.

In General Revenue Divisional Officer at the Divisional level and Tahsildars at the Tahsil level are enforced all government schemes, G.Os, Government laws and taxes.

Vikarabad is Divided into 2 Revenue Divisions. 1. Vikarabad 2.Tandur and also divided into 18 Tahsils(Mandals)