Legal heir Certificate

Family Membership Certificate

Family Membership Certificate is often required for the purpose of settlement of claims in respect of the deceased by the family members of the deceased family. Tahsildar is competent authority to issue.

These are two types of services:

  1. FMC for Government employees which would benefit the citizen in getting Pension / Gratuity/ Insurance/Provident Fund Compassionate Benefit/ All Govt. Benefits.
  2. FMC for Social security schemes which would benefit the citizen in getting Apathbandhu Scheme / Chief Minister Relief Fund/ Housing/ Relief Fund/ Exgratia.


Tahsildar Office , at Mandal level

At tahsildar Office, Vikarabad, - 501101, Rg Road
Location : At tahsildar Office, Vikarabad | City : Vikarabad | PIN Code : 501101