Bathukamma Festival rituals in vikarabad
  • Celebrated on/during: May
  • Significance:

    Bathukamma is floral festival celebrated predominantly by the Telangana and some parts of Andhra Pradesh[3]. Every year this festival is celebrated as per Shathavahana calendar for nine days starting Bhadrapada Pournami (also known as Mahalaya Amavasya or Pitru Amavasya) till Durgashtami, usually in September–October of Gregorian calendar. Bathukamma is celebrated for nine days during Durga Navratri. It starts on the day of Mahalaya Amavasya and the 9-day festivities will culminate on “Saddula Bathukamma” or “Pedda Bathukamma” festival on Ashwayuja Navami, popularly known as Durgashtami which is two days before Dussehra. Bathukamma is followed by Boddemma, which is a 7-day festival. Boddemma festival that marks the ending of Varsha Ruthu whereas Bathukamma festival indicates the beginning of Sarad or Sharath Ruthu.

    Bathukamma represents cultural spirit of Telangana.[4][5] Bathukamma is a beautiful flower stack, arranged with different unique seasonal flowers most of them with medicinal values, in seven concentric layers in the shape of temple gopuram. In Telugu, ‘Bathukamma’ means ‘Mother Goddess come Alive’ and Goddess Maha Gauri-‘Life Giver’ is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma – the patron goddess of womanhood, Gauri Devi.

    Historically, bathukamma meant “festival of life” and was celebrated to thank Goddess Parvati for her blessings for the crop harvest and income she helped generate this (current) year and again ask her blessing for the next year.

    It is the festival for feminine felicitation. On this special occasion women dress up in the traditional sari combining it with jewels and other accessories. Teenage Girls wear Langa-Oni/Half-Sarees/Lehenga Choli combining it with jewels in order to bring out the traditional grace of the attire. The 2017 dates are 20–28 September.[6] Day 1: Angili pula Bhathukamma Day 2: Attukula Bhathukamma Day 3: Muddappappu Bhathukamma Day 4: Nanbiyyam Bhathukamma Day 5: Atla Bhathukamma Day 6: Aligina Bhathukamma (alaka Bhathukamma) Day 7: Vepakayala Bhathukamma Day 8: Venna muddala Bhathukamma Day 9: Saddula Bhathukamma brothers bring flowers to mother and sisters