Sheep Distribution Scheme

Date : 20/06/2017 - | Sector: Animal Husbandry

<p class=”text-justify”>The Government of Telangana has launched yet another welfare scheme for the Yadava and Kurma communities. The Government will be distributing about 42 lakh sheep to the eligible people across the state.42 lakhs of sheep are being distributed in the present financial year and the equal number of sheep will be distributed next year.</p>

<p class=”text-justify”>The sheep will be provided with a 75 per cent subsidy. A three-member committee comprising MRO, MDO and a veterinary doctor is set up to identify beneficiaries.</p>

<p class=”text-justify”>This scheme gave a quantum jump to the rural economy and is designed for the upliftment of Yadava/Golla/Kuruma families who are approximately 4 lakhs in the state. Provision of financial support to these skilled families for rearing sheep on a large scale will facilitate not only their economic development but also facilitate the production of sufficient meat in the state. It is also targeted to make Telangana a hub for meat export in the near future. The traditional shepherd families will be supported with the supply of (20+1) sheep on 75% subsidy with a total project outlay of Rs. 5,000 crores.</p>


Yadava and Kurma communities


Financial support to Yadava and Kurma skilled families for rearing sheep on a large scale

How To Apply

Consult Local Tahsildar or for More details and Online Application: