Palle Pragathi

Date : 01/09/2019 - | Sector: Rural Development

Empowering rural parts was realized with the help of Palle Pragathi programme. The government is spending Rs 339 crore per month for improving infrastructure and growing villages on many facets. Sanitation, greenery and hygiene of the rural parts were improved, besides taking up beautification like never before.

the villagers to repair dilapidated houses, darns and other structures.close unused wells, to remove weed and to clean drains and told them to plant saplings on either side of roads and to protect them, with a particular focus on sanitation, improving road conditions, planting saplings, removing garbage, setting up of dumping yards and burial grounds.


Rural Areas


anitation, greenery and hygiene

How To Apply

Concern Officials will take action according to the Collector’s Orders